April 2013 Free Giveaway

12 web page and pasteboard backgound layer for Xar Web Designer and Xara Designer

12 Web Page and Pasteboard Layer Backgrounds

by Gary Bouton (Gare)

A Baker’s dozen (if you’re not into baking, that’s okay: it’s 13) of new seamless tiling background textures, different sizes, all muted in tone and content, are yours for the clicking this month. These BouTextures are terrific for filling the background of a web page, and we’ve even got a tutorial on how to do this step-by-step right here. Use these bitmap fills to color in shapes, page backgrounds, you name it. You can never have your fill of fills, Phil!

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Photo of Gary David Bouton

Gary David Bouton has been drawing with traditional tools for almost 40 years, and with digital tools such as Xara for close to 20. As large a fan as he is a practitioner, Gary encourages others to express themselves artistically through his writing, the over 25 books on graphics he’s had published, and now through The Xara Xone. You can send him some email, visit his personal website, or better yet drop on over to the Xara Xone Forum on TalkGraphics and talk to Gary and the rest of the Xara community.