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Welcome to the definitive site for information, guides, and support for Xara Designer Pro X9, and previous versions of The World’s Fastest Drawing Program!
Here, you’ll find fresh new tutorials every month, plus a huge archive of examples representing over 15 years of community support.

New This Month

Gary Preister's First Look@ Xara Web Designer 10

Wouldn’t it be nice to create a web layout that looks the same on a phone, tablet, and on a desktop? This is called a Responsive Website, and for the first time Xara Web Designer 10 makes it easy for designers who don’t code to get your visual message all over the web with consistency across devices. Gary Priester takes a First Look, and what a look it is! Read all about it now.

Thinking about the box: A micro-mimi-nano special tutorial

Gary’s Textutorial shows you how to take any of the textures (the ones of wood work particularly well) and turn them into three dimensional objects. It’s always great to get something for free, but even better when someone tells you whay your gift is good for! They’re texturrific! Learn how…

The April Giveaway! Ten Textures Seamless Bizarre Ready To Use in Xara

Ten Terrific Textures (and a tutorial!)

This month, Gary has outdone himself, which will surprise many people who know him. Not only are you getting 10 all new seamless tiling textures this month, but you can also go to the Giveaway page and there is an in-depth micro-mini-nano tutorial on how to make a 3D wooden cube, complete with dents and shading and all that photorealitic stuff. How good does it get?! Read how…

April's Guest Tutorial Playing with Fire

“So, Scarecrow…you want to play with a little fire?” the Witch cackled.

“Um, no,” Scarecrow replied. “ I quit smoking, and besides, Bob Taylor has a much better tutorial on creating fire in Xara this month.” And with that, the Witch melted away, because she didn’t have the brains to buy a copy of Xara.

This month, Bob Taylor leads you through the creation of fire via blends and a clever use of Novelty strokes, and then shows you how to put fire inside text. Goodness, gracious, Great loads of fiery fun! Read how…

3D Papercrafting in Xara

Embossing and shadows on text is soooo 2013. This month, Gary ran with an observation from Rik Datta on how to make paper look as though it was cut and peeling to make astoundingly eye-catching characters. It’s easier than you’d believe, we’ve done some of the work for you in the download files and before you know it, you’ll be hanging out at the scrapbooking section of WalMart.

Or not. Watch the video now!

Guiding Your Way A look at guidelines, guide objects and guide layers.

When is the last time you needed a diagonal guide in Xara? Have you ever wanted a colour guideline other than red? Especially when you’re working on a red drawing!? This month, Frances Proctor takes you through the versatility and accommodating features of Xara’s Guides layer and features. Get on track now!

March 2014 Giveaway Wisps of Smoke

This month, Gary has used an open source program, Chaoscope, and a few other tools to produce photorealistic, detailed, high resolution PNG images—with transparency—of wafts and wisps of smoke and steam. Want to warm up an illustration of coffee or tea? No problem, import any of the eight PNGs, position and scale them. CAUTION: your drawings of beverages in the future might be very hot. Get them now!

Featured Artist Ron Duke

Starting this year, The Xara Xone is going to beef up the number of new artists we will highlight, to make The Featured Artist area more attention-getting for surfers who are just passing by, and don’t realize what a powerful program Xara is.

So to kick off the new Featured Artist Gallery, Ron Duke has kindly agreed to allow us to post some new, some classic pieces of his work, all vector, all wheel-enabled objects, and all a product of a very capable, gifted pair of hands. Ron was even gracious enough to send us a unique photo of him; one where he isn’t smiling! Come on inside and get a load of this stellar vehicular artist’s gallery!

We even have an interview with Ron where he talks about his background, workflow and offers some advice. Go to the Gallery and Interview now!

First Looks by Gary Priester
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